Nutritional Therapy Pricing

Initial Consultation with Individualized Protocol $300
One 90-minute consultation that takes an in-depth look into your personal health history and a conversation to understand your symptoms. We will get to know your lifestyle choices within movement, stress, and diet in order to make appropriate adjustments to meet your goals. Together, we explore possible root causes to your symptoms.

Protocol Visit
One 45-min visit where we review your individualized recommendations for supplements, nutrition, and lifestyle. I also provide a meal plan that is designed for you. This includes recipes and a grocery list. During this visit we have a discussion about why I am making these recommendations based off of our conversation from your initial consultation. We also discuss any questions you have. I also provide handouts relevant to your goals.

Follow-Up Visits

$40 One 30-minute visit where we discuss your progress, identify what is working well for you, and make minor adjustments to supplements, food, or lifestyle. This is recommended after at least 4 weeks of following protocol, or once to twice per month.
$80 One 60-minute visit where we review your progress, dive into any new symptoms, and take your original goals further by exploring next steps with revised recommendations. Recommended after three months of following protocol. *Must have already completed initial consultation and recommendation visit

Continued Nutrition $140 (valued at $200)
Two 45-minute sessions to review new concerns or for on-going support. This plan includes an adjustment to your previous recommended whole foods and/or supplements. *Must have already completed an initial consultation, recommendation visit, and initial follow-up visit

In-Person Grocery Shopping Support $50
If you’re local to the Temecula area, I offer grocery shopping support for one hour at a local market. I will help you read ingredients, pick the right amount of food for your meal plan, and identify “good, better, best” when it comes to food.

Behavioral Health Pricing

$140 / 50-minute (if clinically appropriate) Session

$160 / 50-minute Couples Session

$180 / 50-minute Family Session (3 or more people)

After hours (5:00pm or later, and weekends) will add an additional $10 to the rate.

Do you take insurance?

Eddie is available to bill many insurance companies. Please reach out to us to discuss your plan to confirm that he is able to accept your plan.

At this time, Mercedes is unable to bill insurances.

Do you offer in-person sessions?

Not at this time. We have found that remote sessions are more convenient and more comfortable. You are able to attend from the comfort of your own home and do not to the spend the extra time driving to and from the office. Teletherapy can only be offered to residents of California.

What is your cancellation policy?

We ask that you kindly provide a 24 hour cancellation to your scheduled appointment. In case of a no-show or cancellation after the 24 hour window, this will result in a charge of the full amount for the booked service.

Do either of you prescribe medication?

No, we are not medical doctors. Many clients find medication helpful, but many see progress without. We are able to help provide resources for behavioral health medication. Supplements recommended in nutritional therapy do not need a prescription.

What’s the difference between a dietician and a nutritional therapy practitioner?

We all focus on nutrition and have your health as the priority. Dietitians typically focus on making sure your are getting your balanced meals from any source based off of government foundation recommendations. Nutritional therapy focuses on whole-foods, ancestral traditions, and minimallly-processed foods that nourish our bodies to the full potential. This will look like eating foods our ancestors once ate and eliminating (to our best ability) foods that are ultra-processed or what our bodies don’t recognize. You and I will spend a lot of time together looking for the ROOT CAUSE of your symptoms, rather than place a bandaid over them.

I am on a lot of medication from my medical doctors, can Mercedes advise me on reducing them?

Within nutritional therapy, I cannot treat or diagnose. Any changes to your prescription can only be done through your medical doctor. I will, however, help you understand potential contradictions with your medications, food, and recommended supplements. It is always encouraged to keep your medical doctor in the loop about any changes you make to the treatment of a current condition.

What can I expect from my first therapy session with Eddie?

You can expect a conversation! Eddie would listen to your story, your concerns, and you will explore goals you have for your time in therapy. The initial session takes about 30 minutes as you see if it’ll be a good fit.