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Mercedes Quintana Wellness Nutritional Therapy whole-body nutritionHello there! I would love to take a moment to congratulate you on taking steps towards achieving your optimal level of mental and physical health. By taking the time to research nutritional therapy, finding our website, and how nutritional therapy can have a positive impact on your overall well-being, you are demonstrating a commitment to taking control of your health. As the saying goes, “you are what you eat”, and in today’s fast-paced world where it can be difficult to prioritize self-care, it’s more vital than ever to consider the food we are putting into our bodies. 

Nutritional therapy enables us to understand the importance of nourishing our bodies with the right foods in order to support our physical and emotional health. By incorporating healthy and nutrient-dense foods into our daily diets, we can help improve our mood, boost our energy levels, and in general, promote a better quality of life. So keep up the great work, and continue on your path toward achieving optimal health and wellness! 

Take a deep breath, and think about (meditate if you will… meditation is a good thing with personal health!) what good health really means to you. Do you want to be energized? How about getting a full, and good nights sleep? Do you want to wake up tomorrow with less joint pain?  How about out of that depressed mood or free from your daily anxiety? Pre-conception, pregnancy, or post-partum stress? Holistic nutrition is your answer, and your personal power!

Let’s face it, great health is a versatile term – and it has a different meaning to each and every one of us. Serious question – so, what does great health mean to you? Our goal is to help you define and ACHIEVE YOUR GOALS! We’ll do this with holistic healthcare, and behavioral healthcare as needed, and it will be tailored to YOU! At Quintana Wellness, WE DO NOT BELIEVE in a one-size-fits-everyone approach!

We understand that each and every one of our clients has different individual needs, and our mental health and nutritional wellness care programs are customized for YOU and YOUR BODY.

Here’s the bottom line, and it’s pretty simple. Even though I’m seen as the professional health care provider, to me, you are the expert on your health – You know when you don’t feel good, you just feel OK, and when you feel great. It’s my job to guide you to a place where you feel your best, each and every day! At Quintana Wellness, we can, and we will, do it together!

At Quintana Wellness, the nutritional therapy process is not your typical dietician or medical visit. It is a stand-alone therapy, or it may be combined with behavioral health care for a whole-body approach to healthy living. Our holistic approach to health and wellness includes using food and dietary interventions to promote optimal health and prevent or manage various health conditions. It is based on the principle that our diet and nutritional status significantly impact our overall well-being. 

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